The Farm-to-Table Lady

About Marilyn

I have done many things in my life, including surgical nursing, helping my husband run a successful remodeling business, own and maintain rental property, owning and managing an antique and gift shop, being a property and casualty insurance claims adjuster, owning my own insurance agency and call center, and a lifetime of gardening and farming. To many that sounds like I must not have been able to keep a job. Not necessarily so. There are a lot of years of life experience I gained with each and every job I have done and each one just prepared me for the next step life offered. Many of the positions I held were left due to health reasons, but I always found a way to make a living from the next opportunity that came along. All of the information I can share with you on your journey to learn as much about making a backyard garden or a small acreage profitable can be attributed to one or all of the jobs I have had. You simply cannot beat a lifetime of EXPERIENCE.

When I was downsized from my last job in 2002,working for someone else and before finally becoming my own boss, I decided to turn our five acres into money to pay the mortgage. I built the business from thirty laying hens in moveable pens to three houses of 2,300 free-ranging laying hens, selling just over 600-dozen eggs per week, to a major grocery store chain, health food stores, and upscale restaurants. I diversified by selling specialty salad mixes and micro greens to those restaurants and health food stores from our greenhouse. I raised specialty cut flowers and sold to the flower shops in our area, started the first successful CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm in our area, and brokered produce from other growers to my restaurant accounts. I learned everything I could from some of the best in the market farming industry, but mainly I had to stumble along trying to find out how to keep my farm not only profitable, but LEGALLY SAFE. This information is very important for anyone beginning to try their hand at market gardening or farming.

I have spoken to various groups about organic farming practices, and how I was able to make my farm more profitable.

Your success is my reward. If you feel I can serve you in any way as you progress and grow your market garden or small acreage as an entrepreneur, join my list and connect with me. I am here for you.